Specialized staff

With our highly qualified pool of technicians and engineers we offer you perfect conditions for flexible human-resource allocation. We handle personnel service as a matter of trust, in which expertise and interpersonal skills are always to premiss.

The ALSA Group sets value on the ability of our staff. So our related enterprises have qualified „custom-made“ employees at their command, who can be deployed in work tasks right from the first day.

We provide experts for your company in no time. Our specialised and highly motivated employees are reliable in supporting you quickly.

We want to present you a bundle of good reasons, why your company will benefit from temporary employment, too:

  • You are not bound to social commitements.
  • You can schedule and deploy capacities according to economic requests.
  • You have highly specialised manpower at your command right in place and right in time, without losing valuable time. So you always stay flexible for smooth transaction of your business.
  • No unnecessary expenses from appointments, training and further education of employees. You benefit without taking any risk.