Industrial piping

Pipesystems and single components – we abide by the given general requirements (time- and cost budgets) while maintaining adherence to our high quality-standards. The range of our services includes laying of pipes in black or stainless steel up to DN 1400 and their connection. In this process you can count on our longtime experience.

We’re familiar with:

  • Pipes of stainless steel in all relevant qualities
  • Steel- and boilerpipes
  • Pigging pipelines
  • Double pipe systems
  • Pressure pipe lines
  • Welding including heat treatment on pipes of all interior diameters and materials for example 15CrMo V5.10, X10CrMo Vnb9.1, X20CrMoV12.1
  • Pipeline breaking (Fitting-, re-fitting and arc exchange, Sealing elements, Purge & equalization fittings)
  • Restoration of boiler heating surfaces
  • Restoration of common pipeline networks in plant construction and civil engineering
  • New construction of pipeline components for conventional power plants and industrial plants
  • Services like maintenance and reparation
  • Annealing work after induction and resistance method, with our own equipment
  • Fabrication of piping isometrics, calculation of diameter and wall thickness of complete HD-, MD- and ND-systems
  • Integration and calculation of pipeline components like pumps, compressor, pusher or valve balls
  • Calculation and construction of pipe support, that complies with the force parameters
  • Double-walled pipes of different materials or trace heated, isolated pipes
  • We have all the necessary equipment for cutting, transforming and the mechanical treatment of sheets, pipes and profiles.